Off the Shelf Christmas Cupcakes

Learn to make Christmas Cupcakes that you won’t want to leave out by the tree for Father Christmas – because you’ll prefer enjoying them yourself or sharing with friends and family.

We’ll show you how to use off-the-shelf products to create inexpensive magical seasonal cupcakes that you can replicate with ease.

The result: personalised Christmas presents for loved ones or work colleagues.

This kind of personalised gift shows love and care and captures the sweetness of the season. It’s not what you spend but the heart you put into a gift like this that makes it so special. Oh yes, and those ingredients you put in there too. Well, you’ll discover how to combine it all for a result that makes the holiday bright and delicious.

Our class will instruct you on the following techniques and materials, amongst others:
  • Tricks of working with sugarpaste
  • Using cutters
  • Use of texture to enhance your sugarpaste
  • Creating the perfect flat cupcake to work on
  • Using everyday products to create magical season cupcakes
  • Piping beautiful and elegant rose swirls
  • Assembling your designs to creating festive cupcakes
Some of the designs we will cover:
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Christmas Log
  • Poinsettia
  • Christmas Wreath
No prior experience is needed and this class is suitable for all ages.  At the end of the class, you get to take home six magical Christmas creations to show off to your family and friends!
Classes run from 10:00 until approximately 13:00. Refreshments and snacks are included. Classes cost £40 per person and are fully inclusive of all ingredients and tools. Online booking is available, please see the list of classes available to the right.