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Royal Icing

Royal Icing is NOT a technique of the is quickly making a come back and is seen on many cakes and cupcakes at present. It is an elaborate decorative effect that made even more effective when combined with specialist decorating tools such as piping bags and nozzles.
This class is aimed as an introduction to skills and techniques for royal iced work, for cakes and cupcakes, teaching techniques which you can build upon. The class is taught in 3 parts.

We begin our class with the following:
  • Demonstration on making & perfecting the consistency of Royal Icing
  • How to colour Royal Icing
  • How to make piping bags
Next we move on to demonstrations and a practice session where you will learn how to pipe:
  • Dots
  • Drop Lines
  • Shells
  • Basket Weave
  • Cornelli Lace
  • Daisies, leaves, vines
  • Printing (Writing)
  • Pipe and make Lace Designs
You will also be shown how to:
  • Brush Embroidery
  • Stencilling with Royal Icing
We also show you how to make small flowers using cutters and veiners as well as plunge cutters, which we will use on your cupcakes

Once we have had time practicing the above you will be given 12 freshly baked Vanilla cupcakes to decorate using skills you have learnt. You will be able to take these beautiful cupcakes with Royal Icing on to show your family and friends!

This class cost £60 per person, and runs from 10:00 until around 16:00, refreshments and snacks are included. Online booking is available, please choose from the list of courses shown on the right.