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Edible Lace

Have you every looked in awe at intricate lace designs on cupcakes and think....what would I give to be able to make those myself. well now you can with our Edible Lace class!

During this class we have combined old & new (Vintage, Sugar Veil, and Cake Lace) to bring you the most intricate of designs and exquisite vintage cupcakes. During this class we aim to teach you the art of using Cake Lace and SugarVeil, creating cakes with the most beautiful designs featuring bows, ruffles, roses, leaves, and lace mats.

We cover the following during the class:

• Use of pastel colours
• Demonstrating how to make Cake Lace and SugarVeil
• Using Cake Lace and SugarVeil bows, ruffles, and flowers
• Dusting Cake Lace and SugarVeil to create a variety of beautiful colours
• Using Vintage moulds (Cameos, pearls, buttons, bows, lockets and keys)
• Dusting and paint techniques to enhance your designs with a vintage effect
• Using embossers to create intricate sugar-paste designs
• Discussion of tricks and techniques of using both Cake Lace and SugarVeil

Workshops cost £75 per person, and run from 10:00 until around 16:00, refreshments and a light lunch is included. Online booking is available, please choose from the list of courses shown on the right.