Art Deco Cupcakes

Cupcakes with a WOW FACTOR…..that is what this class is all about!

This class teaches you all about glitz, glamour, pearls and beautifully decorated cupcakes suitable for weddings and other special occasions. Our Art Deco class teaches you a variety of techniques and provides you with six exquisite designs to take home with you at the end of the class.

During the class you will learn:
  • Working with complimentary colours
  • How to work with angular precision
  • How to work with templates
  • How to use moulds to create an art deco styled necklace
  • Using dusting colours & paint to create stylish gold effects
  • Making edible jewellery
  • Creating textures
  • Working with edible prints
Workshops cost £45 per person, and run from 10:00 until around 14:00, refreshments are included. Online booking is available, please choose from the list of courses shown on the right.