Shabby Chic

Our Shabby Chic cupcake class is a decorating workshop where you will learn to make six wonderful cupcakes with a Shabby Chic feel, enjoying a relaxing day doing what you love.

As we focus on the decorating and style elements during this class, we provide you with six pre-baked cupcakes which you'll then decorate using the skills learnt throughout the class.

We'll teach you how to create six simple yet elegant cupcakes by using the classic shabby chic palettes of simple pastel shades with the addition of loads of new techniques.

We'll teach you how to model cute strawberries, how to work with moulds to get the best from them, how to add structure to your cupcakes, and finally how to create handmade filler flowers.

Classes cost £45, run from 10.00 until around 14:00, and include refreshments. Our classes are limited to only four students to ensure personal attention for everyone.
Please see the list of classes to the right for online booking.
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