Cupcake Bootcamp

The Cupcake Boot Camp workshop is our most popular class and is jammed packed with tips, tricks and techniques.  This class is a must, and is perfect for the beginner who has no experience of making or decorating cupcakes, as well as those struggling to master certain techniques.
In this class we start you off from scratch; you will make twelve delicious cupcakes, right from mixing the ingredients, and baking them. You will then decorate the cakes, learning a variety of techniques: 

• Colouring and adjusting sugar-paste to suite your needs
• Working with moulds, cutters & veiners, and plunge cutters to create decorations
• How to make the perfect buttercream
• Pipe a variety of decorations including swirls & roses
• And of course, putting it all together to complete your cupcakes!!

At the end of the class, you will take home twelve beautiful cupcakes made by yourself to show off to family and friends, as well as a wealth of new techniques to build on! 

Workshops cost £78 per person, and run from 10:00 until around 16:30, refreshments and a light lunch is included. Online booking is available, please choose from the list of courses shown on the right.

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