Want to start your own business?

Ever considered starting your own business making the things you love, as well as enjoying the freedom of being your own boss?

Well why not come and join us for a class on how to start and run your own business. Learn from someone who five years ago gave up a successful international career and now does what she dreamed of for so long.

During the class we cover off all the essential items you need to know about running a cupcake business, aiming to discuss a wide range of topics as well as answering any questions you may have.

Unlike our other classes, there is no baking or decorating during this class, this is an intensive day which details everything you need to know in order to setup and run your own cupcake business. We teach you about many tricks of the trade which will save you time from making common mistakes that some of us made in the past, aiming making it far easier and faster for you to get your business off the ground quickly. I draw on the skills I learnt when setting up my own business, whilst also juggling day to day life.

There is a lot of information that needs to be taken in, so everyone attending the class will receive a folder and a book containing all the relevant information we will work through during the course of the day. This includes a fact pack of documents, guidance, useful links, contacts and other information which will get you started quickly. This is yours to make notes on and to take home with you at the end of the day.

Topics we will cover include:

• Choosing the right type of business structure for you (Sole Trader, Limited Company, etc).
• Business Plans
• Finding a customer segment/target market
• Food safety, hygiene qualifications, and legal requirements
• Registration with your council, what inspections are required, and how to prepare for this
• Insurance - what you need and where to look for it
• Setting up a business bank account
• Basic Accounting (Invoicing/sales/stock/suppliers). A two month free trial of an accounting package is provided
• How to price your products; a sample spreadsheet is provided to take away and use or customise to suit
• Website design and concepts, social media, and internet presence management
• Advertising - what works, what doesn't work, what are the costs
• An understanding of tax implications, how to register with HMRC, and what courses are available
• Dealing with customers (orders, consolations etc)
• Finding and dealing with suppliers, setting up trade accounts
• Buying ingredients
• The bad days...
• Trial and Error - what works and what doesn't
• Setting realistic expectations, how long it will take to become established and what level of income can be expected

Classes cost £80, and run from around 10:00 until 16:00, and light lunch/refreshments are provided. Extensive course material and handouts will be provided to take away at the end of the class. We limit the number of attendees to only four persons per class to ensure personal attention. Online booking is available, please see the list of courses available to the right.